Le Stelle

for SATB a cappella was premiered by the Pacific Chorale on March 30.


Lo duca e io per quel cammino ascoso
intrammo a ritornar nel chiaro mondo;
e sanza cura aver d’alcun riposo,
salimmo sù, el primo e io secondo,
tanto ch’i’ vidi de le cose belle
che porta ’l ciel, per un pertugio tondo.
E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle.

Canto 34 – Inferno
Dante Alighieri

The guide and I into that hidden road
now entered, to return to the bright world;
and without care of having any rest
we climbed: he first, then I – so far,
through a round aperture I saw appear
some of the beautiful things that heaven bears,
where we came forth, and once more saw the stars.

Caritas abundat

SATB, a cappella

Based on an ecstatic chant by Hildegard, this richly sonorous work expresses the beauty and drama of her mystical poetry.



Program Note

Caritas abundat takes the text and melody of Hildegard von Bingen’s chant as it’s inspiration, quoting from the original chant in the opening few measures. It then employs rich sonorities to express the dramatic arc of Hildegard’s text, while retaining the original sense of mystery inherent in the poetry.
Caritas abundat was commissioned by the Association of Anglican Musicians for their 2014 Annual Conference in Washington, DC. It was premiered by Michael McCarthy and Cathedra, the professional ensemble of the Washington National Cathedral.



Caritas abundat in omnia,
de imis excellentissima
super sidera,
atque amantissima in omnia,
quia summo regi
osculum pacis dedit.


Charity abounds toward all,
most exalted from the depths
above the stars,
and most loving toward all,
for she has given the High King
the kiss of peace.

Text by Hildegard von Bingen

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