The Watcher

SATB, a cappella

SATB a capella, with some divisi, this piece is written on a poem by a 13-year-old prize-winning poet from Washington state. The text is a beautiful invocation of the natural world, and the spirituality inherent in nature.



Poem by Brian Kirkman

The tree reaches out her branches and rustles her leaves,
and says to the bush, “He is coming…
The bush ripens his berries and makes his blossoms bloom,
and says to the wind,  “He is coming…
The wind calms his temper and carries sweet scents on his back,
and says to the mountain,  “He is coming…
The mountain whitens his snow and stands more steadfast than before,
and says to the earth,  “He is coming…
The earth ceases her earthquakes and silences her seas
and with one voice, the tree, the bush, the wind,
the mountain, and the earth proclaim to the stars,
“He is here!”
And he stood, ever watching, in peace.

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