SATB, piano

An expansive setting of the famous text of universal spirituality and individualism by Emerson.

Program Note

Revelation for choir and piano is set to an excerpt from Emerson’s famous essay, “The Oversoul.” It was commissioned by University Unitarian Church, in celebration of their 100th anniversary.


Let us learn the revelation
Of all nature and thought;
That the Highest dwells within us,
That the sources of nature
Are in our own minds.

It comes to the lowly and simple;
It comes as insight;
It comes as serenity and grandeur.

Within us is the soul of the whole;
The wise silence,
The universal beauty,
To which every part and particle is equally related,
The eternal One.

When it breaks through our intellect,
It is genius;
When it breathes through our will,
It is virtue;
When if flows through our affections,
It is love.

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