Double Heart

For 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, and continuo. 



Program Note

Double Heart for 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, and continuo was commissioned by Pacific Musicworks and its Artistic Director,Stephen Stubbs,

The text is the poem “A Dialogue between the Soul and the Body,” by the English metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell (1621-1678.)
This 17th-century poem seemed to me to be the perfect choice to complement the Baroque works which would be performed on the program for which it was commissioned – a concert of 17th-century works for women’s vocal trio. The poem contains fertile ground for a composer’s imagination and humor, with its flamboyant language and dramatic descriptions of the “sufferings” and constrictions that the body and soul perceive in each other.


Notes on preparation and performance

Double Heart can be performed as a concert work, or it could be enhanced with Baroque opera-inspired staging or dance. The continuo group is intentionally flexible, and is intended for Baroque instruments (the group heard on this recording consists of viola da gamba, Baroque guitar, Baroque harp.)

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