Ancient Souls

SATB div., organ

Featuring a prominent organ part, this work is a plea for human tolerance and inclusivity.

Program Note

Ancient Souls was commissioned by the American Guild of Organists for the 2000 National Convention.  The text, by Seattle poet Molly McGee, is a plea for human tolerance and inclusivity.


The soul is an ancient town
where saints once walked, the vaulted
roofs resounded with mercy’s
alchemy, God’s inclusive voice.
Then the walls became high
with indifference. We were complex,
concordance in pantomime.
The squalid currency of fear
was passed from mind to mind
and our regrets, nocturnal,
assembled in silence.

Now, oh God, let your towering song be released.
Let compassion’s hymn wake the town;
liberate the simple fountains
and the luminous bells of grace.

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