Alnight by the Rose

ATTB, a cappella

Karen P. Thomas · Alnight by the rose (ATTB)

“Alnight by the rose, rose; Alnight by the rose I lay.”

A sensuous harmonic wash of color expresses the tenderness of this 14th-century love poem.

Program Note

“Alnight by the rose” is the middle movement of the three-movement choral cycle “Three Medieval Lyrics”, set to 14th and 15th century English love poems. The other two movements are “To Mistress Margaret Hussey” and “Westron Wind.”

Notes on preparation and performance

May be performed separately, or as part of the choral cycle “Three Medieval Lyrics.”  Available in three versions:  SSAATTBB, TTBB, or ATTB.


Alnight by the rose, rose, 

Alnight by the rose I lay.

Darst2 ich nought the rose stele

And yet I bar3 the flour4 away.

1 The image of the rose as mistress was commonplace in the Middle Ages.     2 dared      3 bore      4 the flower of virginity


“…a bright, engaging work…”         Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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